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Vlog & Video: Surviving High School

Welcome back to Vlog & Video.  Two weeks ago, I unveiled a new project: The ZS Roe Vlog.  Last time around, you saw me in my apartment, introducing the vlog and explaining what it would be about.  This week I start the ball rolling.

In a nutshell, The ZS Roe Vlog is a place for me to share great storytelling and the places these stories are made and told.  Every two weeks I’ll recommend a novel, short story, poem, or film, and bring you along to the places in which these stories have particular significance.  Also, I encourage you to leave a comment and share a favourite story of your own, be it personal or fictional.

So, without further adieu, I give you:

Surviving High School: Reading Laurie Halse Anderson’s SPEAK

Laurie Halse Anderson's SPEAK

Laurie Halse Anderson’s debut novel, Speak, tells the story of Melinda Sordino, a high school freshman who has become an outcast.  After breaking up an end-of-summer party by calling the police, all of Melinda’s old friends refuse to talk to her, and even people she doesn’t know treat her like a social pariah.

With no real friends and dropping grades, her first year of high school is one of struggle and confusion.  But what happened to Melinda the night of that Party?  And why is she finding it harder and harder to speak out loud?

Will Melinda ever find her voice?

Will she ever speak out about what happened to her?

For more info about Speak and other Laurie Halse Anderson books, visit the author’s website.

Vlog & Video is a rotating segment where I post a new Vlog for two weeks of every month; during the other two weeks, I post and comment on my favourite videos from around the web.  Please leave a comment or question—all opinions are welcome, and all contributions are greatly appreciated. If you like what you read here, please subscribe.


2 thoughts on “Vlog & Video: Surviving High School

  1. Nice Vlog Zac! The video definitely makes you want to read the book! I especially liked your little dance at the end haha!

    Posted by Autumn | September 20, 2011, 9:06 am
  2. HHMM, High School stories you say. In Grade 13 Chemistry we had a very weird and whacky teacher who loved to get attention by slamming his yardstick on his desk. Now this teacher’s desk was elevated from the students. One day he was teaching away, and all of a sudden he slammed his yardstick down hard on his desk, which of course startled us all. He then very slowly came down off his platform and stopped at a guy’s desk. He then shoved all of the student’s books into the sink, turned on the bunson burner, and set the student’s books on fire. I never understood how he kept his job after that one. He was known for some pretty weird stunts. I have plenty more where that came from.
    Love, Mom

    Posted by April | September 23, 2011, 5:51 pm

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