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The ZS Roe Vlog

Stories For Hard Times

The ZS Roe Vlog

Escapism—I loathe the word.  Every time I hear someone explain that they read a novel or watch a movie just to “escape,” I cringe.  Sure, I like an entertaining story, but I don’t read a novel or watch a movie to escape from life; I choose those stories to help me experience life.  For me, storytelling is one of the ways we as humans reflect on and share our life experiences, be they events, actions, thoughts, or beliefs.  Stories help us grapple with life’s many uncertainties, confusions, and hard times.  If you’re a frequent reader of this site, you’ll know that I recently lost my friend and colleague Helm Ringl.  And so in today’s vlog I want to tell you a little of Helm’s story, and of the empty spaces we now try to fill in the wake of his death.

For newcomers unfamiliar with this project, The ZS Roe Vlog is my place to share the best in storytelling. Every two weeks I’ll recommend a novel, short story, poem, or film, and bring you along to the places in which these stories have particular significance.

So, without further ado, I give you:

The ZS Roe Vlog is something of a passion project–a place for me to share with you my favourite stories from various genres and mediums.  It is created and written by me, and often shot by my wife or my sister.  That music in the background that totally rocks your world?  Yeah, I wrote and recorded that, too.  Far out, right?  In any event, If you have a comment or question, please leave a response below.  Thank you for reading and watching.


2 thoughts on “Stories For Hard Times

  1. That was very, sad and yet profound. You honoured him well. And from your dad…On the other side, this was a taste of the hidden treasure that is inside of you. Yes you know how to appreciate stories, but you also know how to tell them. Whatever you do, don’t ever stop telling stories, Zac. You don’t just ‘write’ stories, you craft them! Continue to mine this rich treasure deep inside of you!

    Posted by Ma and Pa | March 15, 2012, 7:03 pm


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