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TRIGGERS — Robert J. Sawyer’s Sci-Fi Bullseye

The ZS Roe Vlog

Do yourself a favour and forget everything you think you know about the world of science fiction, especially if it revolves around Star Wars and the like.  Look, I too like a little bit of Darth Vader every now and again, but sometimes a more thoughtful and topical take on the genre is needed.  This is where Canadian sci-fi writer Robert J. Sawyer comes in.  While likely best known for FlashForward, the now defunct ABC series based on his novel of the same name, Sawyer has penned over twenty novels, all of which are worthy reads.  Earlier this month, Sawyer’s latest novel, Triggers, hit bookstore shelves, and so I give it a one-over in the latest installment of The ZS Roe Vlog.

For newcomers unfamiliar with this project, The ZS Roe Vlog is my place to share the best in storytelling. Every two weeks I’ll recommend a novel, short story, poem, or film, and bring you along to the places in which these stories have particular significance.

So, without further ado, I give you:

TRIGGERS--A damn good read

Triggers takes place in the near future when new acts of terrorism plague American soil.  After the President of the United States is shot in an attempted assassination plot, he’s rushed to a nearby hospital.  In another part of that hospital, a professor is conducting an experiment with a device that can erase traumatic memories.  Trouble is, when the President is on the operating table, a terrorist bomb detonates nearby, and the resulting electromagnetic pulse causes the professor’s device to malfunction, which in turn causes the minds of several patients, nurses, and doctors to become linked.  Worst of all, the President discovers that someone in the hospital can now read his memories, and he has secrets that, if known, could threaten national security.

The ZS Roe Vlog is something of a passion project–a place for me to share with you my favourite stories from various genres and mediums.  It is created and written by me, and often shot by my wife or my sister.  That music in the background that totally rocks your world?  Yeah, I wrote and recorded that, too.  Far out, right?  In any event, If you have a comment or question, please leave a response below.  Thank you for reading and watching.


2 thoughts on “TRIGGERS — Robert J. Sawyer’s Sci-Fi Bullseye

  1. It’s the whole sci-fi thing that is challenging for me. Whenever I hear the word sci-fi, I always (and I mean always) see these 6 headed giant bugs that are invading earth, and the futuristic soldiers that are fighting them with laser ray guns…you get what I mean. I’ll try this book out…maybe Sawyer can win a new convert. Good vlog!

    Posted by Scott Roe (@ScottWRoe) | April 26, 2012, 7:31 am
  2. Hope you enjoy seeing Robert J. Sawyer tonight.

    Posted by Scott Roe (@ScottWRoe) | April 26, 2012, 6:11 pm

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