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The ZS Roe Vlog

Reading To Learn—An Idiot’s Guide

The ZS Roe Vlog

Storytelling is powerful, and those who suggest that reading stories (i.e. fiction) is only a leisurely and escapist activity are not just wrong, but foolish as well.  I recently recommended a few novels for my mom to read during a week she’d booked off from work.  Before she left on her week away, however, a guest to the house commented (with great pretension and slobbering ignorance) that he would never read “fiction” because it would bore him.  “When I read,” he continued, “I want to learn something.”  His suggestion that you can’t learn anything from reading fiction is so frustratingly stupid that I couldn’t help but comment on it in today’s vlog.

For newcomers unfamiliar with this project, The ZS Roe Vlog is my place to share the best in storytelling.

So, without further ado, I give you:

The ZS Roe Vlog is something of a passion project–a place for me to share with you my favourite stories from various genres and mediums.  It is created and written by me, and often shot by my wife or my sister.  That music in the background that totally rocks your world?  Yeah, I wrote and recorded that, too.  Far out, right?  In any event, If you have a comment or question, please leave a response below.  Thank you for reading and watching.


One thought on “Reading To Learn—An Idiot’s Guide

  1. Way to blast those psuedo-intellectuals! Excellent vlog!

    Posted by Spijder | July 5, 2012, 8:14 am

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