Author HeadshotZ. S. ROE is an Ontario writer of fiction and poetry.

He is the author of Broken Reflections, a poetry chapbook about life as a glassworker (published by Plan B Press). His short fiction has appeared in various publications, including The First Line, Joypuke II, and Dark Moon Digest, among others. His short story “Grunt Work” appeared in Workers Write! Tales from the Construction Site, an anthology that won the 2017 Tillie Olsen Award for Creative Writing. Most recently, he won First Place in the Canada Author’s Association’s Fifteen Stories High Short Story Competition with his story “Gums and Gauze.”

Z. S. Roe studied English Literature at McMaster University, and in his final year worked as the Entertainment Editor for the University’s weekly newspaper, The Silhouette (which published his first short story three years previous).

These days he works in glass (more on that here), but spends his early mornings and evenings writing.

He is currently working on a novel.


Broken Reflections (Out of Print)

**Copies can be purchased directly from the author. Use the contact page to message him directly.**


“What Grew Before the Sun” from The Big Book of Orgasms: Volume 2

“Gums and Gauze” from Fifteen Stories High

“Eddie and the Escalade” from The First Line

“Coffee With Jesus” from Enter the Rebirth

“Grunt Work” from Worker’s Write! Tales from the Construction Site

“She Is My Nicotine” from Rejected

“Off-Script” from Joypuke II

“Peeping Tara” from Dark Moon Digest 13

“Between the Pages” from The Mammoth Book of Quick and Dirty Erotica

“Breaking High Windows” from The Silhouette (Out of Print)

My tastes vary, and so too will the subject matter of each post.  Here, authors such as Stephen King and Orson Scott Card will sit on the same shelf as Jeanette Winterson and Yann Martel.  Films like Die Hard and Zombieland will be screened on the same screen as Polytechnique and The Road.
Zsroe.com is where high-brow meets low-brow, and the two come out, like gentlemen, shaking hands.


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