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HOT DAMN #11 — Toilet Humour

LIFE’S WONDERS PRAISED IN SUGGESTIVE, ODDBALL, AND NONSENSE WAYS As a counterpoint to my usual cynical antics, I’ve committed myself to a weekly, year-long discussion of my life’s joys.  But, never one for the more traditional approaches, I intend to keep things a little off side, a tad outlandish, and always one foot outside of polite … Continue reading

Beating (To Death) Your Quarter-Life Crisis—Four Easy Steps

Opinion By Z.S. Roe Getting older is never easy.  Sometimes the downward spiral toward old age and senility causes a personal crisis that results in a whole myriad of disastrous decision making.  For generations, though, such a crisis only happened once in a person’s life, generally when that person hit middle age, hence the term … Continue reading

Self-Help Books – Kill Me Now

Opinion By ZS Roe The only certainty in life is death … and, well, taxes … and I guess being wrong, too. But death is the big one. Each and every one of us will someday kick the bucket, and likely with a few regrets still cluttering our storage bins. Apparently, though, many of the … Continue reading

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