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RFP: Christopher Nolan–What A Tease

Fans of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight can rejoice—the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan’s final Batman film, is finally here.  No, not the film itself, nor even the proper theatrical trailer; instead, what we have here is less than two minutes of cryptic footage:  Commissioner Gordon in a hospital bed, a quick close-up of Bane, one of the film’s villains, and very little else (save for the recycled footage from the previous films).

Sparseness aside, the Nolan/Batman fanbase is foaming at the mouth with rabid excitement and is eagerly counting down the months until the film’s release.  And, sure, their loyalty and dedication to Nolan’s Batman films is not altogether unwarranted.  Check out the trailer below, and see what all the excitement’s about.

Are you excited?  Do those short 96 seconds whet your appetite?  Have you now joined the writhing hoard of moviegoers who’ve already put money aside to buy the tickets for the summer 2012 release?

If so, then I suppose you’re in good company…or at least in entertaining company.  But you won’t find me among that throng of Nolanites.

Don’t get me wrong.  As a filmmaker, Christopher Nolan is a capable and compelling guy.  He has a real knack for establishing a resonating tone and image.  His films are powerful, though not so much in the story they’re telling as in the way the story is being told.  In other words, Nolan is a bold and forward filmmaker—his brushstrokes are thick and aggressively applied, though no less affecting.

But he’s not the cinematic saviour that many moviegoers apparently believe him to be.  As much as I want to love his films, I find that time and time again I am let down by them.  Though told with striking flourishes, his stories nevertheless always seem flat to me.  Yes, his films are colourful and imaginative, but they’re also sometimes awkward and uneven.

For most filmmakers, flaws such as these aren’t so bad.  Criticisms aside, Nolan makes highly watchable movies, and I’m sure I will see The Dark Knight Rises while it’s still in theatres.  Hell, I’m sure I’ll probably like the movie.

Trouble is, I’m reluctant to become overly excited for the release of The Dark Knight Rises.  The hype for the previous film, The Dark Knight, was considerable, and so too was the praise for the film once it was released.  But when I saw the film for myself, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.  No, I never really bought into all the pre-release hype, but I was optimistic about the quality of the final cut.  As it turned out, I was a little too optimistic.

And here we are again, only this time with the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.  No surprise that the fans are already anticipating some kind of super hero masterpiece.  “Glory!  Glory!” they cry, and fall to their knees in praise.

But I’m holding out—I’m not going to be pressured into liking this movie before it comes out.

After all, only bullies tease.

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