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RFP: I Need Your Feedback

I need your help.  No, seriously.  This blog has been going strong for almost eight months, what with over 60 posts (each running 500 words or more).  I started it as a kind of personal experiment, with me hoping to engage both my interests and your interests.  Because my day-to-day life is somewhat repetitive and not at all exciting, I opted to write about general pop culture (A&E in particular).  It’s an area of particular interest to me, and one I thought would be compelling for most readers.

The responses to my blog have been overwhelmingly positive.  To hear that so and so regularly reads my blog is rewarding beyond measure.  And I say that with all sincerity—it really means a hell of a lot to me.

But, as is often the case with anything I write, I’m not fully satisfied with what my blog provides on a weekly basis.  It’s not the quantity of posts that matters, but the quality.  To be honest, I feel I could do better.

And so I’m asking for your opinion—more precisely, your feedback.  How can I improve this blog?

I plan to make a few changes to the blog in the weeks to come, and seek your advice.  I encourage you to leave a comment below, and remind you that you do not need to provide your name or email address to post a comment.  And, yes, constructive criticism is more than welcome and is greatly appreciated.

Below are several poll questions.  It would mean the world to me if you took the time to answer them.

Rowing For Pleasure is a weekly opinions column written by Z S Roe.  Please leave a comment or question—all opinions are welcome, and all contributions are greatly appreciated.  If you like what you read here, please subscribe.


One thought on “RFP: I Need Your Feedback

  1. So…first, I find your blog interesting and I actually look forward to reading it. You are consistent and faithful in posting your blog. I read a few blogs, but yours is the only one that I am curious about. Perhaps because it is a bit of an escape for me…but then that’s a good thing. You write well and keep my interest throughout your post – very good! Keep the videos coming as most of them are entertaining and intriguing at times.

    But here is what I most enjoy about your blog: You write about things I wouldn’t ordinarily think about or am aware of. It’s like this – most people probably know about the main news items in the entertainment industry. That is what we read about and hear day in and day out. If you just wrote about that, then you would be another cog in the wheel. Instead, you find things that are interesting and if it wasn’t for you, I would never know these things. And there has been a number of times when I have shared with others either things you have written or the videos. So good job!!

    Things to try or consider? Maybe, maybe not…but could or should you write about entertainment that takes place in our region or province? Ahh…maybe not. What about considering doing a vlog…you may find you have a knack for that! Just something to think about. Whatever you do…don’t stop your blog!

    Posted by Rev Scott | August 16, 2011, 2:26 pm

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