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Week In Review

The 168 Turnaround: A Few Last Words…

A&E NEWS: August 21 – 27, 2011


VACATION:  It’s pretty lousy of me to take a week off from work and go camping.  I know—you don’t need to say it.  Everybody needs time away from work, but my commitment should be here, at http://www.zsroe.com.  I should be writing extra posts and adding to the ever-growing pile of my pomposity.  Instead, I’ve opted to head off into the bush, set up a tent, and rough it like the woodsman I certainly am not.  As a matter of fact, I had no intention of making another post before I left, but there were a few things that I wanted to share with you first.  In that sense, consider this a Reader’s Digest version of The 168 Turnaround.

CGI YODA:  Amongst movie nerds, it’s a generally held belief that when filming fantastical creatures (such as the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park) it’s often better to use animatronics (robotic puppets) over CGI (computer generated imagery).  For whatever reason, I have a harder time suspending my disbelief with animatronics than I do with CGI, which makes me something of an oddity.  And so with the upcoming release of Star Wars on Blu-ray, George Lucas’ decision to replace puppet Yoda in The Phantom Menace with a fully CGI Yoda has many fans up in arms.  Below, you can view the two different versions of Yoda.  Personally, I prefer the CGI Yoda.  What’s your preference?

PORTAL: NO ESCAPE:  In days of yore, YouTube was just a site where you could upload videos of yourself being stupid; not so anymore.  In fact, we are starting to see an astounding level of talent and creativity making its very first steps on the popular video sharing website.  From vloggers to young filmmakers, YouTube has become something of a Mecca for emerging talent.  Portal: No Escape is a case in point.  Based on the popular Portal video games created by Valve Software, Dan Trachtenberg’s short fan film is quite the little wonder.  I don’t play video games, and know next to nothing about Portal, but Trachtenberg’s Portal: No Escape has me rooting for more.  Check it out:

The 168 Turnaround is a week-in-review column, a place for me to reflect on the week’s most interesting pop culture news items.  If it mattered to me or I think it might matter to you, then it will be here.  If I’ve overlooked an important news item, or if you have a comment or question, please leave a response below.  Thank you for reading.


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