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Vlog & Video: Sing For Me, Santa

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Have you even started?  Yeah, me too.  Try as I might, I always seem to leave all the holiday shopping until the last minute.  Don’t me wrong:  I don’t do any gift buying on Christmas Eve or even the day before that.  Still, I tend to put off my Christmas duties as long as possible.  It’s almost as if I look for any kind of distraction, just so long as I can postpone that dreaded trip to the mall.  And, hey, if you’re looking for distractions, then you came to the right place.  What better way to spend your time, then by watching the best videos that are making waves around the internet?

Since the Christmas season is here, we might as well enjoy it.  As I’ve said before, though I’ll never cut a record, I do enjoy singing, and what better way to kick off the holidays then with a (sorta) impromptu Christmas musical at the mall.

As a kid, I always preferred my stuffed penguin over my stuffed teddy bear.  Even so, my teddy bear still holds a warm place in my heart, and will never be given away … not even to one of my future children.  Which is why this video about a miserable bear trying (and failing) to find happiness hits all the right places … in a sci-fi sort of way.

More and more, we hear stories of children who commit suicide because they’ve been bullied.  Life is hard, and it can seem impossibly difficult when we’re young.  But there’s always hope for a better tomorrow, and always a reason to keep pushing forward despite the obstacles in our way.  Here is the story of Jonah, a young boy who has found a reason to persevere amidst times of struggle and difficulty.

Christmas usually entails giving and receiving gifts.  But, really, is there any gift greater than being in the arms of a loved one?  Nah, I didn’t think so.  Here is the video of a father who’s just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan surprising his daughter at school.

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