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Strange Sounds, Star Wars, and Barking Puppies


It’s January and it’s raining, which makes for a rather lousy day. Still, things could be worse (as people are fond of saying). Worse or not, though, I could do with a pick-me-up … or just a distraction. And so today’s video picks are here to remedy the soggy winter blues. We have a varied selection this time—everything from cute, to inspirational, to creepy, and more. Check them out, and let me know what you think.

The Bark Side
I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I do adore puppies, which makes this video a definite win for me. I’m not sure what Volkswagen has to do with any of this (though it’s their commercial).

Star Wars Uncut
Love them or hate them, there sure are a lot Star Wars fans out there. And so we have the ultimate fan film version of Star Wars: A New Hope … in its entirety. That’s right: hundreds if not thousands of fans have recreated the move, 15 seconds at a time, and all of their individual scenes have been stitched together into … well, whatever this is.

Have you found much success in life? Any at all? Maybe, instead, you have a mountain of failure lining your horizon. In any event, here’s something to cheer you up:

Strange Sounds
I work with a conspiracy theorist who’s been telling me about these strange sounds that people have recently started hearing all around the world. Well, here’s a video about it, and (if you can suspend your disbelief for a bit) it’s pretty creepy. What’s the cause of these strange sounds? That depends on whom you ask. My conspiracy co-worker says it’s “the Earth Mother crying out against the destruction that humanity’s reigned down upon her.” Everyone has an opinion, I guess.

Vlog & Video is a rotating segment where I post a new Vlog for two weeks of every month; during the other two weeks, I post and comment on my favourite videos from around the web.  Please leave a comment or question—all opinions are welcome, and all contributions are greatly appreciated. If you like what you read here, please subscribe.


One thought on “Strange Sounds, Star Wars, and Barking Puppies

  1. O.K., love the dogs they were adorable. The strange noises are just plain creepy. And maybe the one about if you have never failed, you have never lived is true. If you fail you try again, and then quite possibly succeed.

    Posted by Autumn | January 24, 2012, 7:13 pm

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