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An Open Letter To Ryan Gosling

By Z. S. Roe

Dear Mr. Ryan Gosling,

This is weird, I know.  You’re a straight guy, and I’m a straight guy.  You’re dating actress Eva Mendes, and I’m happily married.  All the same, I think you should know that you’re my new man crush.

You should also know that you’re in good company here: The ZS Roe Man Crush Club features the likes of actor Daniel Day Lewis and CBC radio host and all around Canadian wonder Jian Ghomeshi.

But this is weird, not creepy.  I don’t want to bed you or any of that nonsense.  Hell, I don’t even want to stalk you like a usual weirdo.  Instead, I only want to profess my adoration for all that you do.

Ryan Gosling in DRIVE (Best movie of 2011?  You bet your ass it is.)

Truth be told, I’ve been following your career since … well, since the beginning.  Sure, you got your start on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, but you hit your stride with Breaker High and Young Hercules.  Those were the days, my friend, those were the days.  But then Hollywood called, and you hit centre stage with a splash.

The ladies loved you in The Notebook, and while I thought the film itself was a bit uneven, you proved to the world that you could hold your own as a leading man.  But you didn’t rest on your laurels.  No sir, not you.  Instead, you pursued unique and complex roles in films such as Half Nelson and Lars and the Real Girl.

And then there was Drive, a film so achingly good that it earned a spot in my top three favourite films of all time.  I know, I know—you’re welcome.  (For the record, Drive now sits alongside The Shawshank Redemption and There Will Be Blood.)  Yes, part of Drive’s success is because of Nicolas Winding Refn’s skill as a director.  But let’s not give him all the credit.  Your performance was understated, yet undeniably powerful.  You said little, but remained a dominating presence nonetheless.  Bravo, good man, bravo.

And now comes the release of the trailer for your next film, Gangster Squad.  True, this film stars a slew of other talented actors, but it’s you we all remember.  As in many of your other films, in this trailer you ooze a kind of sly, manly magnetism that just can’t be faked.  In case you weren’t quite aware, I’ve embedded the trailer below:

What’s next Mr. Gosling?  Are you going to start being a real life hero, too?  Stop a street fight, maybe?  Save a woman from a crazed taxi driver?


Damnit—I guess you’ve already done those.

Anyway, just thought I’d write and say, “Yo, bro—you’re a BAMF!”

Forever yours,


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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Ryan Gosling

  1. Zac, that movie looks really interesting. Let me know when you are going to see it. I want to see it too.

    Posted by Scott Roe (@ScottWRoe) | May 17, 2012, 7:36 pm


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