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NEW PUBLICATION: What Grew Before the Sun

I’m happy to announce the publication of a new short story, “What Grew Before the Sun,” which appears in The Big Book of Orgasms: Volume 2 (out February 8, 2022).

You read that right—my new short story is . . . Continue reading

HOT DAMN #9 — Books

LIFE’S WONDERS PRAISED IN SUGGESTIVE, ODDBALL, AND NONSENSE WAYS As a counterpoint to my usual cynical antics, I’ve committed myself to a weekly, year-long discussion of my life’s joys.  But, never one for the more traditional approaches, I intend to keep things a little off side, a tad outlandish, and always one foot outside of polite … Continue reading

BEST BOOKS: Red Planet Blues // Chocolates for Breakfast // Rivers

Best Books is a sampling of my favouite new books (fiction or non-fiction).  In some cases, these reviews will be based on advance copies of books that may not yet have been released.  In such instances, the release dates will be printed within the review in question. Red Planet Blues Robert J. Sawyer Robert J. Sawyer’s … Continue reading

The 168 Turnaround: The Shining Sequel

THIS WEEK: Sep. 25 – Oct. 1, 2011 The Week At Large Boobies:  apparently not appreciated by all farmers—superstar Rihanna’s boobies to be more precise.  Early this week, a Northern Ireland farmer demanded the singer leave his property after he spotted her topless while filming a music video for her latest single, “We Found Love.”  … Continue reading

RFP: Literary Credibility–A Meaningless Distinction

Few fiction writers make a lot of money from their writing. Talented or not, only the lucky few ever make it big with a book on the bestseller lists and a hefty pay check in their pocketbook. Writing is largely pursued without pay, hence the old stereotype of the starving artist. Mind you, for those … Continue reading

The 168 Turnaround: Ch-ch-ch-changes

A&E NEWS: August 14 –  20, 2011 CHANGES:  If you read Tuesday’s post, then you know that I’ve been considering making a few changes here at http://www.zsroe.com.  There’s still time to vote in the polls and give your opinion, as these changes will not take effect until after I return on September 5th from a … Continue reading

RFP: I Can Relate–A Bibliophile’s Confession

Do you ever feel that you can relate to the characters in the books you read?  Me too.  It’s one of the main pleasures in reading fiction, and something that most of us who enjoy reading can testify to. Of course, not everyone values character-to-reader relatability. Apparently, “any dipshit can relate to a character in … Continue reading

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