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HOT DAMN #34 — Prince Edward Island

My destination of choice? Somewhere quiet and without a lot of people. As my sister-in-law once said, “less socializing is best socializing.” Continue reading

Canada Reads … And I Read Something Else

Opinion By Z. S. Roe Hooray for Canadian booklovers … I guess.  CBC’s annual battle of the books competition is underway once again.  The list of books for this year’s edition has been announced, and the results are … well, about what you’d expect.  This year, the competition is pitting regions against each other, wherein … Continue reading

Rowing For Pleasure: The Novel–When In Doubt, Write About The Holocaust

Have you been following this year’s Canada Reads?  The annual battle of the books competition (broadcast by CBC radio) is a popular event in the Canadian literary scene, wherein five celebrity panellists defend what they believe is the most essential Canadian novel.  Over a five-day period, the books are debated and voted upon until the … Continue reading

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