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Why You Don’t Need To Love What You Do … Or Even Like It

…I’ve heard it said more times than I can count (and twice just this past weekend): If I dislike my job so much, why don’t I find something else? To my mind, the answer should be obvious… Continue reading

Life Advice: Burn Your Boats … And Then Panic

Opinion by Z.S. Roe // Decision making – there’s no escaping it. Should I take the job or should I not take the job?  Should I have kids or should I spend my time and money on myself?  Should I buy a house or rent an apartment?  Should I make a cup of tea now … Continue reading

On Being Laid Off and the End of a Family Business

Opinion By Z. S. Roe *As appeared in the Cambridge Times Everything happens for a reason. This is what the twelve of us were told when we were laid off.  Our company, a small shop in Galt, had finally run out of money and would be closing.  Worse yet, we were going to lose our … Continue reading

25 Reasons To Quit Your Job—It’s About Time, Right?

Opinion By Z.S. Roe When people ask me if I like my job, I don’t bother lying.  Instead, I just tell them the truth: “No, I don’t like my job; in fact, I kind of hate it; some days I even abhor it.”  The truth, I find, is a lot easier for me to live … Continue reading

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