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THE PRODIGAL PASTOR’S KID – What it Means to be the Atheist Son of a Pastor

My dad is the pastor of an evangelical Christian church.

I, however, am an atheist.

For a long time, I assumed my lack of faith as a pastor’s kid (or PK) made me something of an oddity. And then a month or so ago, while listening to CBC Radio One’s show Tapestry, a guest mentioned a stereotype that paints PKs as being more likely to abandon their faith than kids of regular church-going parents.

To which I did a sudden and surprised about-face. Continue reading

THE CURE FOR BALDNESS: Finally, the Answers You’ve Been Looking For

… I was impressed by the results; so too was my wife … until she got a closer look and remarked that Toppik made it look like my head was growing mold… Continue reading

JEDI, JUSTIN, and JIHAD – the 2015 Year In Review

What follows are this year’s highlights, as determined by me. It’s as objective as the unquestionable superiority of crunchy peanut butter. Know the crunch. Respect the crunch… Continue reading

On Life, Turning Thirty, and Big Ears Teddy

OPINION By Z. S. Roe I’m a slacker. My commitment to this blog surely demonstrates that. When WordPress informed me in one of their jazzy Year End celebrations that I’d made only a single post in 2014, I thought that they must be wrong. Surely, they were misinformed. But they weren’t. I’ve been slacking off. … Continue reading

RFP: Overlooked—The Best A&E You Likely Missed

Part 2 (of 3) Last week I began a three-part series on the best of Arts and Entertainment.  But there was a small catch—it was a list of the best A&E that has been overlooked time and time again.  The reasons for such oversights are many and usually complicated, but are also worth consideration. In … Continue reading

RFP: Overlooked—The Best A&E You Likely Missed

Part 1 (of 3) In the world of Arts and Entertainment, the “Best of the Best” is often hard to miss.  After all, with countless “Top 10” lists published in magazines, newspapers, and blogs, we rarely need to go out of our way to look for the best novels, films, TV series, and so on.  … Continue reading

RFP: Disagree With Me

Opinions are a dime a dozen—like noses, everyone has one.  Their excess, however, is not a good reason to keep them to ourselves.  Time and time again, I see people nodding in agreement when they really feel like shaking their heads no.  I do it myself. But there’s no need to. Instead of agreeing, we … Continue reading

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