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Vlog & Video: Pigeon Fights, Dragon Tattoos, and More

Welcome back to Vlog & Video.  Two weeks ago, during the last “video” segment, we saw a kooky reinterpretation of the Backstreet Boys, a chameleon octopus, a tribute to police and fire fighters who died on 9/11, and an adaptation of Charlie Chaplin’s closing speech in The Great Dictator.  This week, I keep the tone relatively light in hopes of brightening your day… or some other such exhausted cliché.  Enjoy.

I don’t support the abuse of animals for entertainment purposes.  No, really, I don’t.  You might think I do after watching this video, “Dueling With Pigeons WIN,” but you’d be wrong.  I just like to laugh, and watching these two guys loosing pigeons at each other is just my kind of hilarious.  Think of me whatever you will, but this stuff is funny.  Damn funny.

These days, Hollywood seems to be remaking nearly every movie they can get their hands on.  And, yes, most of these remakes are awful.  I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, however, that there have been some pretty great remakes to hit the big screen (John Carpenter’s The Thing, David Cronenberg’s The Fly, and Martin Scorsese’s The Departed come immediately to mind).  And, whether you agree or not, I’m willing to bet that David Fincher’s remake of the Swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (based on Stieg Larsson’s popular novel) will be another great remake.  The film’s extended trailer has just recently been released, and it sure seems to promise a great time at the movies.

Life is full of difficulties and moments of considerable struggle.  Being a straight man, I can’t fully comprehend just how difficult it would be to “come out” to family and friends.  Some families take it well; others, unfortunately, do not.  Regardless of the outcome, I have a lot of respect for those in the gay community who do find the courage to come out to their loved ones.  This video features a young man who films himself telling his dad over the phone that he is gay.  I’m glad his dad reacts so positively; it’s a shame that not everyone in the gay community can experience a similar reaction.

We can all agree that most TV news reports are pretty dull in both execution and creativity.  In this video, “How to Report the News,” Newswipe’s Charlie Brooker breaks down why these reports are as tedious as they are.  His commentary is spot on and hilarious, though it does contain a small amount of coarse language.

Vlog & Video is a rotating segment where I post a new Vlog for two weeks of every month; during the other two weeks, I post and comment on my favourite videos from around the web.  Please leave a comment or question—all opinions are welcome, and all contributions are greatly appreciated. If you like what you read here, please subscribe.


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