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HOT DAMN #25 – The Silly Responses to the Gay Marriage Ruling

…their response to the same sex marriage ruling has been truly hilarious, ignorant, and painfully close to self-parody… Continue reading

The Bible, Sex, and Marriage: A Confused Story of Contradictory Positions

Opinion By Z.S. Roe The Christian Bible is likely the most misread and misunderstood book being sold today.  From the outside looking in, it seems that many ardent readers of the Good Book either read it cross-eyed or with both eyes completely closed.  Consequently, the opinions they form are not based on what they’ve actually … Continue reading

Vlog & Video: Pigeon Fights, Dragon Tattoos, and More

Welcome back to Vlog & Video.  Two weeks ago, during the last “video” segment, we saw a kooky reinterpretation of the Backstreet Boys, a chameleon octopus, a tribute to police and fire fighters who died on 9/11, and an adaptation of Charlie Chaplin’s closing speech in The Great Dictator.  This week, I keep the tone … Continue reading

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