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HOT DAMN #42 — GANG VOCALS With Your Family

four upstanding, highly educated, working professionals all agreed to hunker down in my basement, gather around a crappy microphone, and group-shout lyrics… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #32 — Finding the Right Song at the Right Time

Just when you think you have your emotions in check, some unsuspecting song plays out over the radio that trips you up and makes you spill out all those silly feelings you thought you’d mastered. Turns out you hadn’t… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #27 — CBC Radio One

…I’m not knocking music radio stations. I mean, come on — I love me my Rihanna (please don’t stop the music, am I right?)… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #2 — The Perfect Note

Life’s Wonders Praised in Wildly Suggestive, Oddball, and Nonsense Ways In an effort to offer a counterpoint to my usual cynical antics, I’ve decided on a new project:  a weekly, year-long discussion of those things in my life that I enjoy.  For those keeping count, that’s one new thing every week.  But, never one for … Continue reading

RFP: Making Music—An Amateur’s Approach

I finally did it.  Believe it or not, folks, I’ve actually finished recording an album.  I’m an official recording artist.  And I’m going straight to the top of the charts.  Yeah, baby.  Shazzam! Well, not exactly—let me explain.  (Or skip the chatter and head straight to the music) Looking back, the irony is hard to … Continue reading

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