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NEW PUBLICATION: What Grew Before the Sun

I’m happy to announce the publication of a new short story, “What Grew Before the Sun,” which appears in The Big Book of Orgasms: Volume 2 (out February 8, 2022).

You read that right—my new short story is . . . Continue reading

CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE – It Doesn’t Exist, So Stop Trying To Protect It

…Little kids, from infants to aspiring ten-year-olds, are many things, but innocent is not one of them. No, friends, what children are is ignorant… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #19 – Baby Wipes

My wife and I have had baby wipes in our bathrooms for years. Strange, you may say. What on earth could we be doing with these moist, antiseptic swipes of cool and fragrant relief? Continue reading

The Bible, Sex, and Marriage: A Confused Story of Contradictory Positions

Opinion By Z.S. Roe The Christian Bible is likely the most misread and misunderstood book being sold today.  From the outside looking in, it seems that many ardent readers of the Good Book either read it cross-eyed or with both eyes completely closed.  Consequently, the opinions they form are not based on what they’ve actually … Continue reading

The Penis – What You Didn’t Learn from Health Class, Sunday School, or Porn

Opinion By Z.S. Roe As young teenagers, my friends and I often played the “Penis Game.”  The gist of it is this: the bunch of us would gather in a public place and then one after the other start whispering “penis,” with each guy saying it louder than the person before him. Very quickly our … Continue reading

Give Boobs A Break: No More “Naked Lady” Calendars

Opinion By Z.S. Roe I am an unabashed, long-time supporter of nudity.  If you’ve been a frequent reader of this blog, then you probably already know that.  I’ve gone (sorta) nude for poetry, have written in praise of dudity (male nudity), and have even recommended a quasi-pornographic film called Shortbus, which features … well, a … Continue reading

RFP: Sex On The Silver Screen

Filmmakers explore and challenge what it means to be human—our own personal crises, how we interact with each other, how the world changes, and in so doing, changes us.  A good film doesn’t need to be realistic so much as it needs to resonate on a basic human level.  But sometimes, realism (or at least … Continue reading

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