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HOT DAMN #40 — Learning to PLAY an INSTRUMENT

…I bought the big amp because it looked cool, and at seventeen that pretty much topped my priorities. That I could barely turn it on without my brain bleeding out my ears didn’t matter. I was too “punk rawk” to care… Continue reading


…Too often we look down upon those who are living in apartments. We shall do so no longer. Because apartments are the best. With no disrespect to my house, who’s a broad old codswallop of a home, apartment living is just fantastic… Continue reading


His name is Tai Lopez and he wants you to know that he owns a Lamborghini. Oh, but he doesn’t care about his Lamborghini. What he cares about is “knowledge.” Riiiiiiight. Continue reading

HOT DAMN #35 — Learning First Aid

…A First Aid responder is to a paramedic, nurse, or doctor, what a McDonalds burger flipper is to a five-star, fine dining restaurant’s head chef. Still, First Aid tickled my fancy… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #34 — Prince Edward Island

My destination of choice? Somewhere quiet and without a lot of people. As my sister-in-law once said, “less socializing is best socializing.” Continue reading

HOT DAMN #33 — Families Getting Back Together

…My siblings in-law are pretty great. But, wouldn’t you know it, the two of them decided Southern Ontario was increasingly old hat, and so set off to explore the world… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #32 — Finding the Right Song at the Right Time

Just when you think you have your emotions in check, some unsuspecting song plays out over the radio that trips you up and makes you spill out all those silly feelings you thought you’d mastered. Turns out you hadn’t… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #31 — Being Introverted (And Keeping Quiet About It)

…Like geeks, introverts can now stand proud, confident in the knowledge that they’re not weird. No, sir – they’re just different, like Apple computers or something… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #30 — Icy Cold Lemonade

…I wasn’t the healthiest of kids. Instead of playing sports and not getting fat, I spent my summer afternoons poking a bear named Mr. Diabetes… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #28 — Emergency Toilets

…The great thing about emergency toilets is that they’re there for you when you need them the most. Sure, it takes some courage to use them, but when you’re done, you have something cool to brag about to your friends… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #27 — CBC Radio One

…I’m not knocking music radio stations. I mean, come on — I love me my Rihanna (please don’t stop the music, am I right?)… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #26 — University Bathrooms

…A good student would have used that time to study; a bad student would have used that time to drink or make brownies or something. Me? I visited bathrooms… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #25 – The Silly Responses to the Gay Marriage Ruling

…their response to the same sex marriage ruling has been truly hilarious, ignorant, and painfully close to self-parody… Continue reading

HOT DAMN #24 – Winning The Lottery

If I live to be ninety, that’s sixty more years of life. Six million spread out over sixty years comes to one hundred thousand dollars per year. That, my friend, allows for some mighty comfortable living with a bit of a safety net … Continue reading

HOT DAMN #23 — Still Not Owning a Cellphone

In almost all circles, not owning a cellphone is like admitting that you’re a little slow because all your life you’ve been chewing on AAA batteries to ease your social anxiety… Continue reading

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